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    Center for Data services are a comprehensive and needed research implant into the lifeblood of your business.

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    We help measure all facets of your business. See progress bars for common areas our clients request most often.

    Our team trains your staff on how to leverage data most effectively, we can do it for you, and we will make it easy to understand.

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    The right solutions

    Whether you are a business, nonprofit, political candidate or city government, Center for Data helps you properly leverage data. Today, 80% of businesses use only 20% of their data. We change that equation for you and offer a variety of services.

    • 99 $ Weekly
      • Corporate
      • Use us to improve your research. We’re data scientists.
        • Customized reporting
        • Operational efficiency
        • Simulations/modeling
        • Live data dashboards
        • Front-end web option
        • Staff tools & trainings
        • Fast, ongoing support
    • 75 $ Weekly
      • Government
      • Let us help you understand your constituents’ needs.
        • Assessing local needs
        • Polling and projection
        • Legislative evaluation
        • Live data dashboards
        • Front-end web option
        • Staff tools & trainings
        • Fast, ongoing support
    • 49 $ Weekly
      • Nonprofit
      • We strengthen nonprofit mission through data.
        • Mission optimizations
        • Staff climate measure
        • Sustainability strategy
        • Live data dashboards
        • Front-end web option
        • Staff tools & trainings
        • Fast, ongoing support


    Data is (or was) complicated. As an company in changing market conditions, we did not have the expertise using research, so we chose Center for Data as our data scientist. The reporting ability we now have is incredible!

    Tina Oliver Chief Executive Officer


    As a local nonprofit, we have have never been in the data collection business. Center for Data made it easy to capture data, track our members, and help us differentiate what we do to our donors and board members.

    Jerry Cole Chief Operating Officer


    Center for Data helped us better understand our industry. We have been in business for over 50 years but have struggled in recent years to keep us with competitors. Leveraging our data gave us the advantage we needed.

    Jessica Downy Vice President


    Cities around the country struggle to understand constituents’ needs and how to position services. We love our new data dashboard tools to track community needs in real time and be able to adapt. Thank you, Center for Data!

    David Miller Chief of Staff