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Frequently asked questions

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01 FAQ What can you do for my business?

We make your data come alive. We can create various types of reports and we can help you understand your market in a point-by-point way. If you think you need more data at your fingertips, you probably do, and we will show you how you capture it.

02 FAQ Which companies do you help?

We work with almost any organization. Our criteria in deciding who to work with is based on whether you are using data for good, and if you are, we will work with you whether you are in the corporate sector, a small business, a nonprofit, or a city government.

03 FAQ Do we need you forever?

Center for Data’s goal is to help improve your ability to leverage data. Our goal is not to serve as your crutch forever, rather, the systems we implement help you form a sustainable research plan for your organization that staff can maintain moving forward.

04 FAQ Can you work with us on price?

Our goal is to make data accessible for everyone that needs it, whether you are a large organization or a small nonprofit barely making ends meet. Contact us to find out more about discounts we offer to students and those in need.

05 FAQ Do I really need your services?

The fact is that 80% of companies utilize only 20% of their data effectively. Think about that, and realize that the power your organization can experience by properly capturing data across all functional areas to move your initiatives forward.

06 FAQ How quickly can I see results?

We aim to get your results fast, but we want to make sure they are accurate and customized for your needs. Our services will show you the types of tools we offer and the process we engage in. When we enter into an agreement and start the process, we will hop right into your data and help you understand what is currently available and the roadmap to get you from start to finish.

07 FAQ Do you offer support if I need it?

We support all of our clients whenever they need it, and we want to make sure your experience understanding data, even if you never understood it before, will be a pleasant experience. We offer in person, virtual, and annual conferences to meet the support needs you may require. Best of all, support is free for all of our clients!

08 FAQ Can you help us publish our data?

Yes! We love writing. In fact, most of our staff members are currently working on various book ideas. We can help you publish your research, be that for your board members, community stakeholders, or as a marketing tool. For other graphic design elements, we offer optional services that might interest you.

09 FAQ Which optional services do you offer?

Center for Data wants to make data look and feel less boring. We put a big focus on making our reports look powerful and branded for your organization. In essence, we combine marketing and research into one powerful package. Some of our clients have requested us to build a web presence for their data, and this front-end design service is something we can do for you too.

10 FAQ What if we do not like your services?

We hope and are very confident you will love our approach and ability to help you maximize the value of data for your organization. If for some reason you are not satisfied, we will be sad to see you go but not hold you to our services when the next quarter rolls around. As scientists, we do not talk in absolutes, but we have a high degree of certainty that you will see tremendous value from Center for Data.

11 FAQ Where are you located?

We are global! Center for Data has staff from around the world ready to help you with your project, but our main offices are in Boulder, Colorado and Detroit, Michigan. We have many clients in Croatia as well.


12 FAQ I have other questions, can you help?

Contact us here or fill out the form below with your questions and comments. We can connect via email, phone, or through text. Our goal is to make sure we understand what you need, so we may ask you some questions, but overall, our goal is to listen to you and become a team member for the needs of your organization.

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