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    Who are we, what do we do

    Center for Data provides an unbiased, academic, and comprehensive look at your company’s operations.


    Bold team of PhDs

    Center for Data’s team consists of scholar-practitioners who have authored multiple books on organizational sciences. We have decades of experience leveraging data for clients of all sizes. Our team combines research with marketing, data with practical solutions, and takes a socially responsible lane in helping you meet your needs. Whether you want to increase sales or better understand your staff climate, we will help you.

    Useful reports

    Sales reports, marketing reports, or custom data analysis is all in our toolkit of services.

    Fast service

    We believe in responsiveness. We will reply quick, but work thorough throughout.

    Boost reach

    Our team researches but also helps you leverage your data for the best PR outcome.

    Focus on detail

    We use caution with data, making sure accuracy is the North Star in our approach.

    Launch ideas

    Forecasting via data helps you think and plan better. We help you spring towards a new idea.


    Dashboards in the cloud show your data in real time. We will build it and show you its power.

    Data-led solutions

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