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    Research-led The power of data is right in front of you

    The power of data is right in front of you

    Data is everywhere. Privacy is nowhere. Most companies do not care. We care. We value your privacy and the privacy of your customers. Data mining is a useful tool, when it is executed properly. Our approach is to be transparent on how we collect, what we collect, and why we collect. Many large tech companies have been criticized over the last few years for the misleading practices and gathering of too much information about their end users. While we believe this approach is useful in taking the data, at Center for Data we aim to take a more socially responsible view in accumulating data that enhances mission, caters to stakeholders and shareholders, and contributes to improving organizational and academic theories over sensationalism.

    The power of data, when used for good, will make the world a better place and solve the future.

    At Center for Data, we believe data is for all, but all may not want to give up their rights. We have seen companies brag about knowing all of he behaviors their customers do when their app is supposedly providing a clear function but in reality is set up to track much more. This violates our code of transparency. We aim to help companies obtain data from public sources, we can help companies by conducting a survey of their customer base, and we use various statistical tools to run different types of predictive analyses. All of these approaches rely on data that already exists or can be ethically obtained. However, most companies do not have the scale, scope or capacity to engage, collect and organize this information. We do. It is our art. It is our job.

    We specialize in work with governments, nonprofits of all types, small businesses, and organizations aiming to understand the impacts of the environment. We specialize in this array of industries because they are important to us, we have decades of experiencing leading in those industries, and we feel we can make the biggest impact for you and your needs.